Innovative BYO Restaurant in Townsville


For over 26 years, Garden of Eating has been Townsville's hidden secret. Wayne and Adele's ethos is to provide customers with a romantic & enchanting concept. They have created a unique style of menu and unconventional decor making dining at Garden of Eating an individual experience.

At the Garden of Eating, be led up the garden path under twinkling lights and greenery to come upon an intimate, serene courtyard to dine in, with candle tealights & soft chilled music, or dine indoors if there is a wet cloud about.

The menu is both creative and innovative. Wayne takes different dishes and techniques and fuses them together to create his own unique flavour combinations. Their menu includes a predominance of gluten and dairy free dishes, as well as vegan friendly options.

Dining Area — Restaurant in South Townsville, QLD
Outdoor Dining — Restaurant in South Townsville, QLD

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