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Good Food Signs — Restaurant in South Townsville, QLD

Calling All Foodies


When Adele and Wayne started Garden of Eating, they had a vision of serving up unique food in a captivating atmosphere. This has been the drive to achieve excellence through each dish invented and prepared by Wayne.

Their goal was to make a menu that was a bit different, in all the right ways. The food is creative, innovative and out of the box. The flavour combinations might not be like anything you've tried before but Wayne and Adele have gone to great lengths to ensure that every dish melds together perfectly for a delicious dining experience that will leave you wondering "why didn't I think of that?"

Wayne takes dishes and deconstructs them to recreate the dish with his own unique twist resulting in an avant-garde dining experience. Wayne's specialty is preparing from scratch his signature dairy free ice-creams that complements each dessert option on the menu.

Click on the dessert menu above to have a look at the flavour combinations. Above you will also find the Garden of Eating menu options, as well as a group Set Menus and booking form (30max). Adele and Wayne hope to see you soon to try their unique food and relaxed dining atmosphere.